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Contact Lenses

This consultation is different to your eye test. It involves an in depth examination of the front of your eye, including the tear film & eyelids. We measure the shape and size of your eye which helps us find the optimum fit for your contact lenses. You will spend time discussing your contact lens needs with your optician, who will then select the best contact lens for you to trial.
Contact Lenses will give you freedom from wearing your spectacles, which is perfect when playing sports or for special occasions.
Have you been told you can’t wear lenses? Think again. Contact lenses have been designed to suit all manner of different climates, lifestyles and vision needs.

Contact lenses for kids

Kids are some of our best contact lens patients. It may take a little time for a child to adapt to wearing contact lenses, but children are usually enthusiastic wearers of contact lenses as they do not have to worry about losing or breaking their glasses, feeling self-conscious in their glasses. They love the freedom it affords them when playing sports & other activities.

Coloured Lenses

This lens type is perfect if you’re looking for a more dramatic eye colour, or lenses to subtly enhance your natural colour. They are available as daily lenses for occasional use or monthly lenses if you want to wear more regularly.

Daily Lenses

These comfortable contact lenses are worn for one day and then thrown away. You can choose to wear them every day or just on special occasions. They are low maintenance as no solutions or cleaning are required.

Two weekly / Monthly lenses

These contact lenses are designed to be used for 14 or 30 days and then thrown away. You would wear the lens for a day and then remove, clean and store it till the next day. A contact lens case and solution are required with this lens type.

Extended wear lenses

These lenses are designed to be slept in and can be worn continuously for up to 30 days.

Toric Lenses for Astigmatism

These lenses are specially designed to fit a “rugby ball” shaped eye: a patient with astigmatism. They are available in daily, two weekly and monthly modalities.

Rigid Lenses

This is a hard type of contact lens designed to give sharper vision to patients with high prescriptions. They Require a solution to clean and store the lenses and can last for years if care for properly.

Varifocal lenses

This lens type is a similar concept to varifocal glasses & will allow you to drive safely and read a menu in a restaurant.