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When Should I Get An Eye Test For My Child?

We recommend that you consider having your child’s eyes examined once they reach the age of 2.  Of course, if you suspect that they may be struggling with their vision before then please bring them along as soon as you can.

The vision of a child develops from birth up to the age of 8 or 9. During this critical period of visual development you should ensure your child has a regular eye test – the minimum recommendation is one test per year, however, your optometrist will advise you if you should consider coming in to the practice more frequently.

Eye Tests For Children

At Ashmore Park Opticians we aim to cater for the whole family, and children are no exception.  Eye examinations are modified to suit the needs of your child and our optometrist will make the experience as enjoyable and relaxed as possible.

Flexible test charts allow us to use shapes and objects, like cars and flowers, rather than letters and numbers to assess your child’s vision.

Colour Vision Deficiency

Approximately 8% of males suffer from a hereditary congenital colour vision defect, it is important and useful to assess the colour vision of your child.

Binocular Vision

We often examine a child’s binocular vision – the ability to coordinate both eyes so that they work together to provide good vision. Binocular vision can be influenced in the early years, so timely discovery is crucial.  Testing this feature of vision helps detect squints and lazy eyes.

Paediatric Frames

Noses are not fully developed in babies, toddlers & young children, which can make it difficult for them to wear glasses. Tomato glasses is a multiple award-winning brand, specifically created for children.

Not only are they light and fully adjustable, but they have been ergonomically designed to ensure they do not press on the temples, ears or nose and have the frames curved in between the head and face to ensure it is as comfortable as possible.

Each frame is provided with a head strap, which means the frames will stay in place for your child whilst running or jumping. Multiple colours and styles will mean your child will not have to compromise on style.

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